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DJ, Guitar Tech, Bass Tech, Drum Tech, Audio Engineer, Producer, Singer, Tribute Bands, Studio Engineer, Roadie, Dancer, Hair Stylist, Makeup Artist, Actor, Comedian, Model, Tattoo Artist, Photographer, Videographer, Usher, Event Planner, Security, Tour Bus Driver, Announcer, etc Click here for a full list of all performer types.

Designed for businesses that wish to share a contract for sponsorship. A sponsorship could just be a promotion or it could be a full contract for representation. Companies: Tour bus, Printing, Clothing, Camera, Boat, Sports, Sport Accessories, Motor, Car, Production, Cartage, Catering, Beverages, Video, Media, Marketing, Websites, etc

Designed for posting a "Virtual Performance Contract" Your contract for performers who wish to submit their act to you, or if you wish to book a performer. Companies: Stadiums,Venues, bars, nightclubs,Parks, Hotels, Conventions, rental warehouse, etc *If you have a location and wish to book a performer or a sponsor, this option is for you!