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Angela Reign

Roswell GA
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About angelareign

“Angela is the total package…talent, looks, energy and has an excellent stage presence…a true performer” – The Backstage Beat “Angela’s not a beginner. If she h ( more... )

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  1. Employer Contact Name ________________
  2. Employer Contact Email ________________
  3. Employer Contact Number ______________
  4. Latest Date to respond by ___/___/___ for this performance
  5. Engagement Location __________ 
  6. Engagement Location Address  _________________________________________________________
  7. Date(s) of Engagement ___/___/___ 
  8. Time of Engagement __:__ am/pm
  9. Number of sets and duration __________
  10. Set Up Time __:__ am/pm
  11. Sound Check Time __:__ am/pm
  12. Sound Equipment Provided: Yes/No (circle one), if No, additional fee owed to Artist $_______
  13. Guaranteed Payment to Artist Owed $_______
  14. Additional Payment to Artist Owed for Tickets Sold, % of Bar sales, other ____________________________ (Refer to part B of the rider contract)
  15. Ticket Price (and provide a way to validate purchased ticket numbers via internet from the door or any other means.) $_______
  16. Free Tickets - free passes/tickets shall be provided by the Employer for the band and the following additional passes ____
  17. Deposit Amount/Date to be paid / __/__/____ (if one applies)
  18. Additional information regarding Artist performance (timing of appearance, etc.)_____________________________________________________________________________________

(Employer) by sending this contract and any attachments or riders included herein, binding and valid only when agreed to by both the parties (Employer and Artist) listed below, and Artist has received the deposit (if required) specified no later than ___/___/___ (date).


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