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Hi my name is Christie Slaughter, I have been exploring the movement of hoop dance and flow arts with poi for the past year. This is my page to hire me live with my personal perfo ( more... )

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My Contracts
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Date ____________________


This letter confirms agreement that I, Christie Slaughter (the Model/Performer), will take the role of ________________ in film/photo
shoot/runway ______________________ ( the “Media production”). This is the working title and the final name of the media credentials may change.


1) I, Christie Slaughter, agree to be available to work during the filming period (“the Shoot”)

from _________ to  ____________    (or you can name the exact dates).   


2) I agree that the filming is scheduled to take place in the following locations:


3) In essence of signing a photo/film release: I, Christie Slaughter, agree to give over any rights I may have in the finished film to ______________________________(name of production company or producer). This will allow the production company,____________________________, to distribute the film in any and every way they can.

4) Production co._______________________________ will pay a _____% of net profits OR flat fee compensation for my performance in this Film.  The fee is payable within 28 days after the performance was given.


5) Production will aim to ensure that working days are not longer than 12 hours.

6) Production will do their best to ensure my health, safety and welfare during the Shoot.

7) Production co.,_____________________________, shall have public liability insurance to cover myself, Christie Slaughter, during the Shoot.

8) Production shall provide myself with food and refreshments throughout the Shoot AND will liase with me over the travel arrangements to and from the Shoot and either provide transport or pay travel expenses which will be agreed upon in advance.


9) Initial pre-production deposit for additional daily expenses intended to accrue for duration of the shoot period is negotiable amongst Christie Slaughter (Performer/Model) and ________________________________(Production co.).


Signed by the Performer/Model _____________________________________ Date___________________


Signed on behalf of the Production co.___________________________________ Date____________________

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