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Little Mac

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Little Mac is the main character of the NES, SNES, and Wii titles in the punchout series. He has black hair, wears a black tank top with green trunks and gloves, and is described ( more... )

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Letter of Agreement between Promoter and Participant


Made and entered into between:

________ Hereinafter referred to as PROMOTER

________ . Hereinafter referred to as PARTICIPANT


Both parties hereto agree as follows:


PARTICIPANT agrees to participate in a contest:


On: (Date of contest)


At:(name of venue) ___________________________________

Name of facility at which contest is to be held


Against: __________________________________

Name of opponent (stage name)____________________________________


Scheduled for:________________________________________________ (Mixed Martial Arts 3/5 Minutes)

Type of Bout (Rule Style) & # Rounds/Time______________________________________________


At a weight of:  ________________________________Not to exceed


PROMOTER agrees to pay PARTICIPANT (amount to be paid):

_$_________SHOW/_$___________WIN/_$____________K.O/________________ for services rendered as provided herein.


PROMOTER and PARTICIPANT agree to conduct themselves, this promotion and this

contest in accordance with the rules of the International Sport Kickboxing Association &

Tennessee State Athletic Commission. PROMOTER AND PARTICIPANT understand

and agree that failure to do so may result in the withholding of the purse, suspension or

revocation of license, the assessment of a fine, prosecution for a second degree

misdemeanor or such other penalties as the Promoter may impose as provided by law.


All PARTICIPANT's will be allowed TWO trainer/corner persons at no charge. The

name of the trainer/corner persons must be submitted to (NAME OF PROMOTER)______________________________ no later than 24

hours, prior to the event/show. Additional trainer/corner persons will not be allowed to

provide assistance during the match.



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