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RIDER AGREEMENT of _____________________ (your name or group name goes here)

BETWEEN: ________________________________ (Venue) Hereinafter called as the Management of the one part AND: ______________________________ (Artist Name) Hereinafter called as the Artist of the other part.

01. This rider is an integral part of the contract to which it is attached and must be signed and returned with the contract. Any proposed alternations to this rider must be agreed between the Management and the Artist's representative before being made, otherwise all clauses must be strictly adhered to. All changes require written form. All arrangements in this rider are for the account and the responsibility of the Management.

02. The Management agrees to sign this contract and rider in all places indicated and return it to the Artist's representative at least four weeks prior to the engagement covered herein or within one week of receiving it, whichever is the sooner. BILLING AND PUBLICITY

03. The Management agrees to give the Artist 100% sole headline billing as: ________________ ARTIST - IF the venue recieves monies from the door totaling greater than the Guaranteed Fee , then The Artist will recieve the difference at the end of the performance. - Percentage (specify how it is to be calculated gross/net of ticket sales/ door/bar etc.) _____% - In all advertising and promotion pertaining to the engagement. The Artist's logo MUST be used wherever possible.

04. The Management shall not employ or permit the presence of any master of ceremonies, announcer or support act performer for the engagement, without the Artist's written consent, which may be withheld for any reason.

05. The Management guarantees that on all advertising and tickets relating to the Artist's performance there will be no restrictions, in particular with the regards to age or status.

06. The Management agrees that the Artist's name or likeness is not to be connected in any way with any form of sponsorship or endorsement of any kind including but not limited to commercial or political without the prior written agreement of the Artist's representative.

07. The Management agrees that he/she will not commit the Artist to any personal appearances, interviews or to any other type of promotion or social event without the prior written consent of the Artist. PARKING

08.All recordings audio or otherwise. Property of ________________(NAME OR GROUP NAME HERE) ..an may not be reproduced with out written/verbal consent.

09. In the event that as a result of any illness or injury, detention resulting from inability to obtain reasonable modes of transportation, riots or other civil strife, strikes or other forms of labor disputes, epidemics, an act of order of any public or governmental authority or court, any Act of God, or any other cause beyond the Artist's reasonable control, the Artist shall be unable to fulfill the obligations an his part to be performed hereunder with regard to the engagement(s), then in such event neither party hereto shall be entitled to make any claim against the other party for non-fulfillment of any outstanding obligations yet to be performed on the part of such other party.

10. The Management warrants that he has the right to enter into this contract and is of legal age.

11. The Management agrees that any dispute or claim or any other legal matter concerning this contract shall be made in accordance with applicable Laws.

12. The Management agrees to complete, with as much detail as possible, a venue information sheet for each venue and return it with the signed contract.

13. The Management agrees to contact the Artist's representative immediately should there be any queries relating to the contract, additional clauses, rider or any other aspect of the Artist's performance.

14. Any alternation to any part of this rider has no legal standing and serves no constructive purpose unless first agreed by the Artist.

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